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You can buy owllus products at the well layout website for Owl charger kit shopping mall here ;  www.owllus.com

CarPad/qi has been released in amazon today. You don’t necessarily have to buy many different charging pad. Just what you can do is adjusting the white bar height according to your phone’s tall. How can you find a perfect position ? just install the battery monitor widget here ;https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ccc71.bmw&hl=en then play with the white bar step by step until you get a best charging performance graph — mA? Temp? That’s it and forget about it until you are sick of your phone and changing new one.

The mobile and home chargers are EXCELLENT!  

I love my Nexus 4 and you are the company that has the best chargers for it.  I have 2 other brand chargers for the home and it is a game to find the Qi spot.  One night I did not get a charge because the phone slipped a few mm and it stopped charging.  Your home charger is better.  It has the ridge to hold the phone in the right place.  Love it!  When my wife gets a Nexus 4 I will order more for her car and home. 

Very happy customer,

 With mobile phones becoming an indispensable part of our lives, it is necessary to have a mobile charger in the car. However, getting a tangle of wires in your car is not only messy but a potential hazard too.  It will be convenient for you if you can charge the mobile phone inside the car in the midst of busiest schedule.  

The wireless charger “CarPad” which is powered by a 12V~24V outlet can hold phones of varying shapes and sizes thanks to its flexible clip such as from iPhone 4S to Galaxy Note2. 

The watching DMB TV during driving is very dangerous. The risk of watching TV has been recognized in Korea on the occasions of traffic accidents which were taken place recently due to the carelessness of watching ahead and the necessity of reinforced punishing has been suggested strongly in the society.

 distracting driveIn recent years, many states and country have enacted laws explicitly forbidding speaking on a mobile phone without using a hands-free device while driving. However still There are many people who have to use the mobile phone during driving.  We believe that at least equipping a hand-free voice dialing or answer and simply wireless charging system in-vehicle can be the best solutions for safety driving.

General Notices : 

If you place an order for full sets “OwlPad+CarPad“, or two sets of CarPad, OwlPad/qi, you will get beautiful package as below specifications;

       You can use it as  a Jewelry Box.

  • Size : 195 x 120 x 107(mm) 
  • UV velvet coating 
  •  Magnetic closures

Recent comments after receiving Nexus 5 charger and its package ;

Thank you very much, it is a fantastic product and it works great,  I am very happy with it. Your packaging is also first class too, the red box it come in is quality just like the pad and car dock are too. — Wes –


Nexus 5 서잇는 모습

Carpad qu adjust nexus 4 680

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