Wireless is beautiful !! OwlPad is best solution for safe driving !!


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The mobile and home chargers are EXCELLENT!  

I love my Nexus 4 and you are the company that has the best chargers for it.  I have 2 other brand chargers for the home and it is a game to find the Qi spot.  One night I did not get a charge because the phone slipped a few mm and it stopped charging.  Your home charger is better.  It has the ridge to hold the phone in the right place.  Love it!  When my wife gets a Nexus 4 I will order more for her car and home. 

Very happy customer,

Great Charger
By Micah on July 18, 2014
Have had this charger for about 2 weeks now. Well built, solid. Cord length good maybe a tad to long. The charging is amazing it doesn’t contently charge and the charging is quicker that just your standard car charger. The mount that came with it is just a cheap mount. I knew this and expected this. I have a separate mount that I paired with this item that is perfect. A montar by winnergear that the clasp ended up breaking after 6 months of use. I am a truck driver and am constantly in and out of the truck and constantly on the road. I will try to edit more after a few months but as of now I highly recommend this item. Here is a link to a review that sold me on this charger

Again, be aware that you can by different mounts with this. I already had one and didn’t need it.
I own a Nexus 5

distracting driveIn recent years, many states and country have enacted laws explicitly forbidding speaking on a mobile phone without using a hands-free device while driving. However still There are many people who have to use the mobile phone during driving.  We believe that at least equipping a hand-free voice dialing or answer and simply wireless charging system in-vehicle can be the best solutions for safety driving.

General Notices : 

If you place an order for full sets “OwlPad+CarPad“, or two sets of CarPad, OwlPad/qi, you will get beautiful package as below specifications;

       You can use it as  a Jewelry Box.

  • Size : 195 x 120 x 107(mm) 
  • UV velvet coating 
  •  Magnetic closures

Recent comments after receiving Nexus 5 charger and its package ;

Thank you very much, it is a fantastic product and it works great,  I am very happy with it. Your packaging is also first class too, the red box it come in is quality just like the pad and car dock are too.


We are very sorry that OwlPad for desktop and CarPad for Car is temporarily out of stock

OwlPad Wireless Car Charger kit “CarPad/qi”  No ghost touches Nexus 5, S4 S charger cover, Note 3, etc.!!!


iPhone 5 Ultra Slim Wireless Charger Case with OwlPad Car Charger set + Arkon Sticky Suction Mount !!!


Comments for the updated charger

The possibility of wirelessly charge is very helpful. Option of wireless charging in a car – the dream. It was very difficult to find a suitable device in Ukraine to me. Thank you guys, now I’m very happy!

CARPAD is a great device! With easy and safe fastened. Supports charging phone in active using mode (with enabled screen, GPS module, internet etc) – making phone longer works in active use.

I am very pleased with this device!

Способность беспроводной зарядки – очень полезна. Возможность беспроводной зарядки в машине – просто мечта! Долго искал такое устройство. Спасибо вам, ребята, теперь моя мечта осуществилась.

CARPAD отличное устройство! Легкое и надежное крепление телефона в зажиме. Зарядка позволяет продлить использование телефона в активном режиме – с включенным экраном, модулем GPS, интернетом и даже видео регистратором.

Устройством очень доволен!


Hey Guys,

I got the unit in the mail when I got home from work (30 minutes ago).

So far everything looks GREAT!

I am running temperature and charging tests now, but the new coil position looks perfect, and I’m getting as much or possibly more current out of the OWL charger than I was getting out of the Nokia.

Tonight I should have pictures and screen shots available from my early tests, but I have to say that everything looks great so far.

I also want to add that the level of customer service and responsiveness from Moon at OWL charging was incredible. If I got service half as good from the companies I do business with in the US I would be amazed, and these folks are having to deal with me from the other side of the world. I have absolutely no ties with their company, and hadn’t even spoken to them to ask if the charger worked for my phone before I ordered, but they went above and beyond any expectations in getting this charger working.

Once I have a few hours charging I can fill in the remaining details (temperatures, approximate charge time, etc), but right now I would say the newest version is a huge success!

Qi Compatible wireless charger kits,  newly updated “CarPad/qi”  has the white tab for  adjusting the induction coil position in accordance with different phone tall.

Notice :

  • When it comes to Nexus 5,  Owl CarPad for wireless charging works with up to 4 mm thicker protective case.
  • For Nexus 4,  it is so sensitive with temperature. So, it needs to try to put a thicker spacers 93 mm) on the charging pad so as to make it less chargeable.
  • Don’t remove the spacers (1.5 mm) on the charging pad at 4 corners. It is useful for scratch free and make a distance for proper charging condition.

A. lowest coil position  – Nexus 4, any other  similar sized phone built-in qi standard

B. Middle coil position — Galaxy S4, Nexus 5, any other  similar sized phone built-in qi standard

C. Highest coil position — Note 3, Droid Maxx,  Panasonic Eluga V P-06D, etc..

Nexus 5 서잇는 모습

Introduction of OWLLUS charging kit





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