Wireless is beautiful !! OwlPad is best solution for safe driving !!

AutoBike wireless charger kit

To purchase the Auto Bike charger, please visit : www.owllus.com


  • BMW charing bag A type — Note 2 size or B size — Galaxy S4
  • Arkon Bike mount
  • 12V  connection lead wire

If you order it, please mention what kind of phone you are using.

Arkon Bike mounts with Owl charger 

(Korea site link : http://owllus.net/shop/goods.php?GCODE=G1366729091973)

Are you traveling a lot on two wheels?  A bike mount for your mobile with wireless charger might be just what you need.
Suitable for Bikes and motorbikes, the Owl BikePad charger has a hard “waterproof smartphone bags” to protect your phone from knocks, rain and dirt and it allows access to all buttons and functions on the screen.
Arkon’s affordable fixing mounts pivots for multiple viewing angles in landscape or portrait position and offers a quick-release locking mechanism.

Specifications ;

Material: 0.3mm Blue PVC or TPU

Galaxy S3 Size: 85 x 30 x 160, weight : 251 gram, screen 4.8 inch

Galaxy Note II size : 98 x 30 x 175, weight : 208 gram, screen 5.5 inch

 Function ;

  •  water shower test for 20 min.
  •  waterproof plastic clip, protects your phone from sand, dust, snow and water 
  •  No loss of sound or reception quality.
  •  Maintain full functionality of your phone.
  •  Wireless charging  for GPS navigation/Streaming music.

 Our Advantage:  

  • Inside of waterproof smartphone bags, there is BikePad that is used to charge your phone and is sealed with plastic cover. 
  • Good quality and cheaper price and fast leadtime 
  • Compatible with most straight, drop, trekking, and touring size handlebars, fits standard (25.4mm and 26mm) size handlebars up to 33mm diameter
  • For use with bicycles, motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles, wheelchairs, hang gliders, or other apparatus having cylinder-shaped frames or posts
  • Features transparent, touch-through screen cover, water resistant zipper, and cable access slot
  • Regarding charging function, BikePad is compatible with most of brands that has wireless chargeable functions such as Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S3, S4, HTC Droid DNA, Nexus 4, LG Optimus G Pro. Nokia Lumia 920, etc.

How to use ;

  •  We recommend you to use Arkon GN032-SBH Bicyle or Motorcycle Handlebar Mount.   http://www.arkon.com/accessories/phone_bike_mount.html
  • What does it different from Arkon mounts is that Owl BikePad has direct fixing tools which should be fastened by 17 mm fixing nuts as shown below pictures.



Please refer to below video  for more information. This is only for your reference how to install Arkon fixing tools.

Galaxy S3 size — Gallery “click here



Galaxy Note II size — Gallery ” click here



Water resistant test 


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