Wireless is beautiful !! OwlPad is best solution for safe driving !!

Owl CarPad/G with the case for iPhone 4/4S on Sale !

Below is the Qi compatible Owl wireless charging pad

and Mobile Phone Car Holder..

.CarPad/G is compatible with Nexus 4, Galaxy S2, iPhone 4S. We’d like to sell this CarPad/G for sales.

Below is the Arkon mounts including suction cup.

Below is the holding clips that is able to grip from large size Galaxy Note 2 to the size of iPhone 5.


Below is cigarette adaper’s  3.5 mm pin hole and LED monitor/reset push button.

When it starts charging, it turns “Red” from stand-by mode “Green”.

When  it is fully charged, it goes “Green”  If charging trouble occurred, please reset this button.

Below is the suction cup that is holding the cradle strongly. We recommend you to install car mounts on top of 3M adhesive disk. When you set this on the windshield, it might be affected by UV light..

Below is 3M adhesive disk. please fix this disk on the dash board that is able to reach out your finger very near from the hand wheel..

Below is Cigar adapter that is 12VDC regulated. Car charger needs to have constant power from the cigarette outlet.So don’t use any other cigar adapter..

As soon as your phone is placed on the CarPad, screen shows it is charging wirelessly.

Then CarPad’s LED will be “RED”.

Your phone is getting a power from wireless charging terminal.

Below is the package of Owl CarPad. 

It includes ;

  • Owl Car charging pad “Owl CarPad”
  • Arkon car mounts 
  • Cigar adapter 
  • 3M adhesive disk
  • Manual

How to use :  

  • Please keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Set the phone screen brightness less than 50% or Auto.
  • Better to install it right in front of air conditioner grills.
  • Please refer to this video that will give you some idea how to use CarPad properly in car; http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2029734.


Understanding point;
  • Please be understand before you order that CarPad is charging more, less or holding the current battery level while heavy using like GPS/Stream music/Call/Message/etc.
Lead time :
  • 2~3 days after order confirmed.

Prices :  

shoppingsimble  1 set of CarPad/G+iPhone 4S Case =  US$69  for using in Car and at home interchangeably.

  • 1 Owl CarPad/G charging pad
  • 1 windshield mounts (with nut for fixing 17mm ball)
  • 1 3M dash mounting disc
  • 1Cigarette Plug Input 12V~24V, Output 11.5V 1A

shoppingsimble CarPad/G +iPhone 4S Case with Car Air Vent Mount – US$ 64          


  1. Owl CarPad/G
  2. iPhone 4 Case
  3. Air Vent Mount
  4. Cigarette Plug Input 12V~24V, Output 11.5V 1A 

*** Please visit Amzon for detail information ***

  • GN047 airventThis vent mount is very useful, provided that your car has a suitable vent- this means the vent must be located suitably to accommodate the GPS unit, and the slats on the vent must be horizontal.I found the mount was very easy to use with my Nuvi 760. It was easy to attach to and detach from the vent. Also, it was straightforward to attach the GPS unit. There is an adjustable leg on the mount which helps to secure the mount to the vent in a stable fashion.
    Some people may prefer this mount to the windshield suction cup mount.
    Also, this mount is useful in places where windshield mounts are not permitted (e.g. California). I used the mount with various rental cars while touring- it was equally successful in each car . It was sufficiently stable to allow for the GPS unit to be used while attached to the vent.




Specification :  

  • CarPad/G– Cigarette Plug Input 12V~24V, Output 11.5V 1A
  • Packing size and weight — 245x150x103, 530gr

Shipping costs:




Charging start ;

from 55%  at PM 10:40 with GPS navigation and Streaming music active in highway.


Charging stop;

Still 55%  after 1 hour driving  Temp is 31 degree measured by the contact temp gauge.




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