Wireless is beautiful !! OwlPad is best solution for safe driving !!

OwlPad Wireless Car Charger kit “CarPad/qi” for Nexus 5, S4 S charger cover

Alternative shopping mall site for OwlPad products : www.owllus.com

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Features of CarPad/qi :
  1. Works up to 4 mm thicker protective case
  2. 12~24 V output 12.5V 1A
  3. Induction : enameled copper wire coil
  4. No ghost touches
  5. This coil can be easily moved up and down according to the phone’s tall. ex) Note 3 – up, Nexus 4 – down. Please refer to the instruction herewith down.


CarPad/qi-N5/S4 is for Nexus 5, Galaxy S4 S charger cover, S4 Owl receiver patch, etc.



  • Owl CarPad/qi
  • Suction cup type mounts (with nut for fixing 17mm ball)
  • 3M mounting disc
  • Cigarette Plug Input 12V~24V, Output 12.5V 1A

shoppingsimble  CarPad/qi-N5/S4 with Car Air Vent Mount– US$44.9


  • Owl CarPad/qi
  • Air Vent Mount
  • Cigarette Plug Input 12V~24V, Output 12V 1A       

shoppingsimble  CarPad/qi-N5/S4 with suction cup + Car Air Vent  Mount – US$54.9  


  • Owl CarPad/qi
  • Suction cup type Mount including 3M disk
  • Air Vent Mount
  • Cigarette Plug Input 12V~24V, Output 12.5V 1A    


S4 logo .


Galaxy S4 Owl Receiver patch : 

This is only for sale together with CarPad/qi-S4 car charger set.


How to use it?

Please go to the link “Here”

shoppingsimble  Galaxy S4 Owl Receiver patch  – US$15

shoppingsimble Galaxy S3 Owl Receiver patch  – US$15
S4casedesign1 S4colorbackcoverinsideview1

Specifications :  
  • CarPad — Cigarette Plug Input 12.5V~24V, Output 12V 1A

Shipping costs:


How to change the induction coil according to the phone’s tall?

  • Just pull out or push down the top grip as shown below pictures. That’s it.

CarPad qi L1 nexus 4 680 CarPad qi coil reposition o4 680 Brief introduction of OWLLUS charger 

Charges all placed on it, regardless of brand.. highly engineered result.  Even though there is Qi, it is far from being perfect. Limits appear to exist in better device creation bound by standardization. The OWLLUS wireless charger however, wireless charge cover handles Samsung S4, Nexus 5, and even LG Optimus G2.

Customers that purchased the  CarPad/qi don’t need to purchase a separate wireless charger for the Nexus 5. Continued use upon charging phones is no problem.

If you use the CarPad/G for the Nexus 4, we’ll provide a PCB the pad for a low replacement fee upon charging your phone. The PCB alone can be easily replaced by unscrewing the 4 fastening bolts on the back cover of the car pad.

Car must be taken with the little transparent LED and switch. So they don’t go missing. If you feel that your new Nexus 5 is a little tight upon insertion in the car pad holder,  just hold and open the grips on both sides with two hands applying a little pressure tension is maintained.

If Nexus 5 has a particular advantage, it would be in wireless battery charging.  Workers at companies with tight security policies, find charging limited when their battery charging terminal sockets are blocked, but the Owllus wireless charger provides a solution with wireless charging capability just by placing the phone over its charger.

Below, a specific answer to a customer question is offered.

“Does the phone grip expand wider than the Nexus 4 to accept the Nexus 5?We’ll explain how the grip can accommodate a wider size than the Nexus so that the Nexus 5 can be placed in the car pad.

Following view from Google Play.(69.17mm)


In the next view, the OWLLUS grip is open to the same width as that of the Nexus 5.(69.17mm)

Owl Grip Holder 1 In the following view,  it can be seen that a Galaxy S2 has been put in the pad grip, and that is wider than the Nexus 5. Looking at the area indicated as “A” in the image, there is still space remaining, and the phone is comfortably held. Owl Grip Holder 2

The following view shows space between holders when the pad is at rest, without gripping anything. For a wider mobile phone like the Note 2, this spacer can be somewhat tight.

Owl Grip Holder 3 The space can be made wider, however if you hold positions “B” in the next view, and pull them outwards with your hands as indicated, and for narrow phones like the iPhone 5 , you simply put inwards on positions “A” Open or close the adjuster so that the space are appropriate for placement of your mobile phone. The grip is made from tension bearing plastic and will not break as long as it is not subject to excess force. Owl Grip Holder 5 Hopefully this clarifies that the Nexus 5 is indeed compatible with the Nexus 4 OWL wireless charger.

with the release of the Nexus 5 today which features wireless charging, will the Nexus 4 OWL charger work with the new Nexus 5?

The OWLLUS  “CarPad/qi” wireless charger has been confirmed as compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charge case, LG  G2, iPhone 5 case, Nexus 4, and Qi Receiver Patch.

The Nexus 5 charges by about 18% per hour. If navigation is being used, the battery is in high use and will be recharged with wireless charging according to intensity of battery consumption.

These advantages in compatibility are features of the design.

If you have purchased a CarPad/G for the Nexus 4 and changed to a Nexus 5 phone, we offer the following solution.

As ***/G tag models are not compatible with the Nexus 5, the PCB portion of the holder can be replaced with an upgrade.

The following illustrations show the simple directions for upgrading the PCB module.

  • Release the 4 fastening bolts on the charging pad as shown and open the back cover.

Remove the screw

  • Remove the PCB unit, Pull out PCB, the content

nexys 4 PCB

  •  Be careful that the transparent LED, on-off switch do not pop out. Just make sure they are positioned back in their place.


  •  Replace the PCB unit with the upgradenewpcb
  • Re-assemble the back cover.

Features and Advantages of OWLLUS Charge Pad

The Owllus charge pad is a very simple design. Competing devices frequently feature complicated adjustments for left and right and high and low positioning. The Owllus wireless charger doesn’t need such complicated adjustment equipment, however, as the PCB reaction range of the device is very wide and has excellent reaction regardless of mobile phone size differences. Even if still needed to upgrade PCB module, it is very simple and easy to replace the unit with the latest upgrade.

Wireless charging lasting over 10 years.

When the link below was clicked, the web page that opened featured a banner advertisement for the Owllus wireless charger. This was a serendipitous occurrence indeed.



Translation of the Korean text in the image

Wireless charging from one device lasts over 10 years, for long term convenience.

OWLLUS offers the best in navigation while charging and in wireless charging for desorption, as well as quick, easy installation.

 The contents of the above ;

A true wireless charger guarantees 10 years of use. The majority of chargers get replaced due to incompatibility rather than obsolescence.

Older, free-of-charge, chargers were often thrown out. However, since our compatible wireless charger is usable regardless of phone, it can easily see use for up to  10 years or more as long as mobile phone manufacturers continue releasing compatible wireless charging receivers.

Comments by CarPad user ;

  • The car dock looks great!  It was professionally packaged, the parts fit nicely, and everything looked exactly like I expected.
  • The AC Power Adapter and Cigarette Lighter cords both work well.
  • The charging clip fits  perfectly.  The phone snaps in easily and holds securely, even on a bumpy road.
  • The charging clip alignment seems to be correct.  When I snap in my phone the indicator light comes on, and the battery icon changes to charging (for a little bit).

comment 2;

  • The service from Moon has been first class. Fast and friendly!
  • The product does what it promises- charges my Galaxy S3 wirelessly! Battery app shows that the charging current available from OwlPad is constantly at 486 mA.
  • By using OwlPad together with  bluetooth for sound streaming, you get rid of bothersome constant connecting and disconnecting of cables to your phone.
  • Operation of the device is straight forward  and concept  of the car holder/charger is one of the best I’ve used- no moving parts, no adjustments required, it is really comfortable and steady.
  • The base of charger is soundless on rough roads- very important feature for me, as my previous holder (not the cheapest on the market), which looked great, started to make odd noise on rough roads.

How to use CarPad/G for the Nexus 4 on your new Nexus 5 ? Comment: hello moon, I am currently using your car pad G for the Nexus 4 on my brand new Nexus 5. It does work it charges at about the same rate it was charging the Nexus 4. However the Nexus 5 is a little taller than the Nexus 4 therefore the Qi charging this did not line up perfectly with the Nexus 5. I had to cut off the plastic Feet at the bottom. since the Nexus 5 is a little wider the car pad still hold the phone tightly in place it slide down to wear the left arm on the car pad is almost touching the down on the volume rocker. When it is sitting right there it makes just the right contact with the Qi charging disc in the carPad. this can be done very simple and it does work. I seen comments on your website before were lots of people were curious to find out if the one for the Nexus 4 would work with Nexus 5. The answer is yes but you would have to modify. If you were to redesign this car pad if it Nexus 5 the back plate needs to be taller I would say about 1 inch. The Qi charging disc needs to move up from the feet about 1 inch. Then it would line up with the Nexus 5 Qi built inside. I hope this answers some people questions and yours as well about the Nexus 5 Qi charging capabilities with the carPad G for the LG Nexus 4. how to modify for Nexus 5

Video clip for modifying the CarPad/G for using Nexus 5 : Click here !!!

Detailed introduction of CarPad cradle

Below is the Owl wireless charging pad and Mobile Phone Car Holder.
Below is the Arkon mounts including suction cup.

Below is the holding clips that is able to grip from large size Galaxy Note 2 to the size of iPhone 5.

Below is cigarette adaper’s  3.5 mm pin hole and LED monitor/reset push button.

When it starts charging, it turns “Red” from stand-by mode “Green”. When  it is fully charged, it goes “Green”  If charging trouble occurred, please reset this button.

Below is the suction cup that is holding the cradle strongly. We recommend you to install car mounts on top of 3M adhesive disk. When you set this on the windshield, it might be affected by UV light..

Below is 3M adhesive disk. please fix this disk on the dash board that is able to reach out your finger very near from the hand wheel..

Below is Cigar adapter that is 12VDC regulated. Car charger needs to have constant power from the cigarette outlet.So don’t use any other cigar adapter..

As soon as your phone is placed on the CarPad, screen shows it is charging wirelessly.

Then CarPad’s LED will be “RED”.

Your phone is getting a power from wireless charging terminal.

Understands ; Please understand before you order that CarPad is charging more, less or holding the current battery level while heavy using like GPS/Stream music/Call/Message/etc.

Please refer to the comments and YouTube  link below that will give you some idea how to properly use the CarPad ;
How to use? :  
Please pay heed to below steps how to properly use the Owl CarPad/G..
  • It is better to use spacer as it is attached on the both fingers of carpad for camera lens if you are using Nexus 4.
  • Set the phone brightness less than 50% or Auto mode.
  • Set the power saver mode “on”. It will last and longer battery life.
  • Better to install in the near of air vent, which blows cold air over it.
  • If you drive follow the GPS navi saying, it will be Ok but you drive randomly, it will consume much battery then battery level will be down.
  • If you’d like to charge in speed, turn off GPS and screen off.
  • CarPad is not enough to put it up the power for smartphone’s Black box recording. It is too much power-intensive.
Below is the review of Nexus 4 user. 

My vacation trip 7 hours away was last week and it did very well for me with GPS and music streaming. Keeping my charge around the same point during the whole ride home.

One advantage I have had with my holder is that I have it placed just in front of my AC vent, which blows cold air over it.

 Car Air Vent Mounts :

         *** Please visit Amzon for detail information ***

  • 에어밴트형-GN047200This vent mount is very useful, provided that your car has a suitable vent- this means the vent must be located suitably to accommodate the GPS unit, and the slats on the vent must be horizontal.I found the mount was very easy to use with my Nuvi 760. It was easy to attach to and detach from the vent. Also, it was straightforward to attach the GPS unit. There is an adjustable leg on the mount which helps to secure the mount to the vent in a stable fashion. Some people may prefer this mount to the windshield suction cup mount. Also, this mount is useful in places where windshield mounts are not permitted (e.g. California). I used the mount with various rental cars while touring- it was equally successful in each car . It was sufficiently stable to allow for the GPS unit to be used while attached to the vent.

Airventass1 Airventass5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Gtz4VFkbNJ4 howtoextendarkonarm Screenshot_2013-04-24-22-40-27sm .

Comments on: "OwlPad Wireless Car Charger kit “CarPad/qi” for Nexus 5, S4 S charger cover" (178)

  1. Hi Moon,.

    Could I please just order 1 to try out for now.

    Let me know how to proceed from here.



  2. Is there any way you could test GPS navigation? I’d like to buy one, but I’m worried about the device not being able to mantain a charge with screen, bluetooth, cellular data and GPS all on. Once you test this, let me know

  3. Just for clarification: this item is now available and not in a beta-state anymore? How long will the shipping take to Germany?
    Does the Nexus 4 fits in the holder with the original bumper on?

    • We are sending you via EMS. So you know how long it will take it to you.
      CarPad has spring plate that is able to hold your phone or with the bumper on. This is very convenient because it is easy to slide in/out by one hand or snap in side way.

  4. Dear Moon,

    I’ve just placed an order via you website for CarPad for Nexus 4 ( CP-N401).
    Can you please make sure to send me the latest revision, which is free from the faults listed on the XDA forum:

    “As far as the charging rate is concerned, on my test unit I can easily get good positive charging while running GPS navigation, streaming music off the interwebs and set my display to full brightness. The output of the Owl CarPad is very impressive. The only problem is we are still waiting for Moon to resolve the issue of the charger shutting off randomly.” – narcopolypse

    “I’m wondering why I jabent gotten results as great as yours. Nav plus full brightness alone for me = no significant charge at all (maybe 1% over a half hour) – delrazor”


    Can you please give me an estimate shipping time as I have not received any order confirmation.

    • Sorry to late reply.

      “waiting for Moon to resolve the issue of the charger shutting off randomly.” – narcopolypse

      As for the above shutting off randomly, we couldn’t find a solution. Most of case, this shutt-off starts from more than 92~95% charging. I guess Nexus 4 limits the charging rate from this point as less as possible. So CarPad could not read this very less power consumption like snooze, which leads to mis-understanding as being full charged and then cut off the power automatically. I think It is much something to do with Nexus 4,

      As far as driving test, about 1% gained per 10 minutes by a wifi navigation on condition. Later we will test GPS on condition. However, it may have different test results according to where you are.

      I will send you CarPad tomorrow and you will get it via EMS.

      Best regards,

  5. Hi Moon
    Ok, I do understand the limitations which are related to LG design but I was under impression that it was sorted.
    Can you please clarify what the attached screenshot presents? Its from your website.


  6. Hi Moon, I’d like to know CarPad is working with the Nokia Lumia 920?

  7. Hi
    This is final product but we need to update quality and function continously as you know well. So we need feed back from you.

    For promotional activities, we sell it EMS shipping that will cost for us. But later on, local retail or resale distributor will be take over.

    Your Nexus 4 wearing LG Bumper on is well fit to CarPad due to have a strong and flexible spring tension holder.

    Anyhow Galaxy S3, S2, Nexus 4 all is fit well in CarPad.
    For large size of Galaxy note 2, we are preparing AutoPad.


  8. Moon,
    Thanks for the heads up. Those numbers seem very good. Even if the Nexus 4 maintains its current battery level during GPS use I would consider it a very large plus. When I receive the unit I will be testing it on various aftermarket kernels (which are volted down) to see if their is an appreciable difference.

    Thanks for being so diligent with your communication!

    • Thank you for understanding how hard it is to maintain current battery level during GPS/Streaming music use.
      I have the test results of the CarPad, which you can view at the site listed below:


      If there is something strange happening with the CarPad which you have already bought from us, such as a high temperature, please give me your feedback. I will arrange to send you a new replacement.

      With this tested sample, there is no heating effects even though it has direct contact with the charging pad despite not being encased in a jacket. However, I still recommend to put the bumper on the phone. (It takes a while to start charging.)

      I think we have solved the temperature problem but it gains only 1%, more or less, charging while the GPS navigation and streaming music is active during a couple of hours of driving.

      We are looking forward to getting some feedback from you in order to improve the wireless charging condition.

  9. Hi A thousand thanks for you!

    I went out at 8:52 after works and then phone temp down to 15.6C as you can see monitor widget pics attached here.

    With GPS on, and I put 5 qty of my business card on the charging pad.
    It is nearly 1.3mm thickness

    The results is as below;

    From at 9:12 — to 9:42
    Temp increased from 28 to 37.9
    Charging gained 29% to 36%.

    I think it is quite good for using CarPad for GPS navigation.

    Will you try it like me to put your name card on the charging pad?

    What I am thinking about fluctuated results is up to where you are driving.

    If you are driving at the place where lots of internet data is jammed, it will take more power consumption I think.

    What do you think?

    • I think you may be right about the mobile internet congestion making it have more issue.

      I’ll do some tests with navigation and streaming on while staying in my driveway where my mobile data signal is very strong and see if that changes anything.

      I’ll also try the business card idea.


  10. Hi Moon, Just want to make sure before I order one that they do work?

    Thank you for your time,

    • Hi,

      Please check it out CarPad for iPhone 4/4S, Galaxy S2.


      Today, I discharged iPhone 4S down to 2% and when I came up to Seoul from province, I turned on GPS navigation and placed my wife’s iPhone 4S in the CarPad.

      As you see the pictiures and video clip, about 3% battery power gained every 10 minutes with keeping the normal body temperatures.

      This CarPad is exactly same one that I tested for Nexus 4 recently.

      So, there is not so much we can do if something goes wrong in the Phone itself.

      I suggest you that you wear the bumper on the Nexus 4 so as not to heating-up the phone due to GPS data congestion.

      Is that clear?


  11. Can I order 1 set from https://owlpad.net/carpad-for-nexus-4/ or not?
    (or from somwhere else)


  12. Hi, Moon, What are you using Battery monitor?

    • Hi, I’ve been using Battery Monitor Widget Pro. Please check it out below site


      If you dock only the phone in the CarPad, It is going to be charged more fast than jacket on the phone and this may result in hitting the high temperature and then phone do not allow to suck the power from charging pad anymore. If you charge your phone without GPS active, there will be no shut off problem under charging.

      Charging speed and temp control has been decided by phone’s battery control software for a safety of phone. Owl CarPad has designed to ensure stability in charging in order for user to wear the phone case(bumper)


  13. Martin said:

    is it possible to buy one item (when updated version comes available) without car mount? So only pad with 17mm Ball mounting on back side?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi, Yes, you will have it without car mounts. But you need to place some volume of order. You can buy it many different car mounts at Arkon or any shop you’d like to buy it. Thanks

  14. HI, i have the HTC DNA on Verizon Wireless. Will this mount and charge pad work with it. Great device. Can’t believe nobody else has done this yet

    • Hi, I think it would be working with CarPad Given that the standard Qi has been adopted in the Lumia 920, Nexus 4 and HTC DNA and Galaxy S4 to be coming soon.
      Fortunitly, all of the above mentioned bland built-in wireless charger has similar size to fit well in the CarPad mount. But it may have a bit different charging charistic. We are also extremely anxious to test them. Thanks.

  15. Power adapters (12V and 120V ) included in the package?

    • Hi, of course, it is included in the package. 12V is in CarPad, 100~240V 50/60Hz in OwlPad package.

  16. Hi, Moon. Why is my CarPad charging so slowly? Is it due to the hot weather in singapore?

    I have the aircon blowing on the auto pad to keep it below 40 degree.

    • Hi,

      We’ve tried to charge the phone very fast or slow and then checked how it affects the temperature increasing the phone.

      Final conclusion is that we’d better keeping the phone charging slowly and the temp as less as possible.

      If you experience charging rate is more or less and no shut-off in high temp while using GPS, streaming music, there is no problem for CarPad function.

      Car charger is just supplying the power that is equal amount of power that get loss while using GPS and streaming music.

      Updated new CarPad is just making it not to be decreased the power much lower and no shut-off charging occurred in high temp like 45C.


  17. Hi Moon,

    I already bought a Brodit ProClip for my car (http://www.brodit.com/product.html?id=853523&pn=prod&brand=BMW&model=1-series&year=2007).

    I addition i bought that one: http://www.theaccessoryking.com/arkon-accessories/adapter-plates/apamps17mm/adapter-plate-amps-to-17mm-ball-head.html

    I assume these both mounting holder should fit to your CarPad?

    Would be great if this is correct and you are able to deliver the carpad without the existing mounting things. Only the nut and the hole for the 17mm ball should be there.

    • Hi,

      Yes, your guess is right.

      Owl CarPad’s mounting hole is used to fit to any 17mm ball mount to allow the fixing of any kind of adapter.

      We are willing to provide you CarPad without existing car mounts.

      If you order this, please notice in PayPal and at “Buy now” deduct the price $8 from the sales price.

      Best regards,

      • Dear Moon,

        thank you very much for your response! Great service! Fantastic!!

        So I can order right now and you will sending me the new version of car pad (G) when it comes available?

        Ordering now via “Buy now” button on this side (top): https://owlpad.net/carpad-for-nexus-4/ ??

        Amount should be 65$ – 8$ = 57$ (incl. shipping to germany, including nut to mount on existing 17mm ball)?

        Thank you very much!!

      • Dear,

        Why don’t you buy full sets “OwlPad+CarPad” with $100-$8=$92?


        I will send OwlPad first and new version CarPad be sent on Feb 2nd~3rd week.

        (CarPad-17mm hole + nut that is able to fix any kinds of mounting adapter)

        As you see the link, the above price is included the shipping cost to Germany.

        Is it okay for you?

  18. What’s the website I can enter the tracking information?

  19. Have there been any tests, or do you know if this could be used with an NFC tag so that the phone can be set to automatically enable bluetooth/GPS?

    • Hi Chaz, We haven’t test and if you have some idea how to use NFC tag to
      enable GPS/Bluetooth, pleas help us. I’d like to support you.
      The other is to use the App like below Android battery monitor.
      It is wonderful app.

      We would be more than happy to use this App very often if one tiny function added.
      Once the phone place on the CarPad, this App recognize the fact that
      your phone is in Car and activate GPS/Bluetooth automatically.
      I am not sure it is possible.

      Thank you for your input and hoping to get more idea to find a good solution
      for a “customer satisfaction”.

  20. Q) Is it possible to charge by using regular micro USB charger in car ?

    A) Yes. Of course. Just plug your regular micro USB charger into the phone’s usb port. But don’t forget to switch off the LED reset button of CarPad. However if you forgot to do that, don’t be worry. It will not any harm the phone.

    Thank you for your input. I think it is worth to use the CarPad for mounting the regular phone like Galaxy S3 as a simple cradle. Design of holder contribute quite easy to get in/out without scratching on the phone as you see the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtz4VFkbNJ4.

  21. Adam Sooley said:

    I made a order on the 7 of February and have heard nothinccan you please give me a update

  22. kindersorpresa said:

    Does this car mount allow to use the camera of Nexus 4 while it is mounted, or is the back of the phone completely covered?

    Basically, I am looking for a car mount for N4 that allow the phone to be used as a dashcam (i.e. installing app such as Dailyroads in the phone and recording video while driving).

    Do you think this car mount could be suitable?

    • I haven’t tried yet Nexus 4. When it comes to Galaxy S2, there is no problem for using it as a dashcam. But battery is usually drained by constantly. I think it is Okay if you use Nexus 4 in a short distance way like an hour and a half of driving. The camera of Nexus 4 is opened to the front view. I will try it soon and let you know how much power are dashcam consuming while driving.

  23. Steve Meder said:

    I just received my car pad for the nexus 4 and I am loosing a charge running the GPS, even on AC. I was under the impression that the car pad would not loose a charge and at least hold one at the same level as it was first plugged in. Any suggestions on what I can do to get the carpad to work properly? I am using the clear spacer that came with the unit.

    • I got comments below;

      I recently received my Carpad in the UK and can confirm that it is working well with my Nexus 4. Using Navigation app I am able to at least preserve charge at current level, or not use navigation app I am able to increase charge level.

      But you said you are loosing a charge running the GPS. So I checked in details once again what’s the cause of two different results.

      Please click below;


      When you drag down the mouse till the end, you will see the picture that is showing each steps charging status.

      When is it used for Spacer at the bottom finger?

      8 mm Spacer is for user who want to see Screen always regardless how high temp going up but within a operating temperature range with streaming music on and GPS +navigation running and screen brightness at 50%.
      ~~ less charging and get warm but it can endure with high temperature (up to 50C)

      No Spacer is for user who want to see Screen whenever necessary to see the road map while driving. Normally screen should be Off. It’s more temp sensitive but phone will tell you the time to stop the charging or App running.
        ~~ more + charging but stop charging at near to 42.5C

      Interesting things I’ve found is that when you drive in City, you will get more loss of charge. On the other hand, you will be less drain or keep the same level while driving in highway. In city, you would choice many different roads against Navi guide you. In that case phone is doing much more hard working to find a alternative road.

      Owl CarPad is not perfect. In order to use CarPad properly we need to keep it mind below;

      1.Keep the screen On as short as possible for gaining +charge and prolong battery life. or decrease the screen brightness less than 50%.
      2.If you need to boost charging, GPS App should be Off also.
      3.Don’t leave the phone in Car without air conditioning.
      4.If stop charging, just wait for a couple of minutes and push the reset bottom. It won’t stop charging as long as screen off.

      Thank you very much for your understanding

  24. Hi I received your updated charger for my Nexus 4 and used it during the weekend!

    It works great, even with Navigation/Spotify/Bluetooth-Audio at the
    same time. I never had any heat issues. (But it’s quite cold here
    right now, maybe 5°C outside.)

  25. Q) Hi Greg, do you have any heat problem while using CarPad I sent you before?

    A) No problem. I actually have not had any problems with the charger and I’m loving it.

    Last weekend I went for a 2 hour drive with streaming music on and GPS +navigation running and screen brightness at 50%.

    Phone never got hotter than 37°C and it gained 2% in charge over the 2 hours.

    Yes, I’m using the latest one you sent me (the one that came with the spacer in the packaging)

    I’ve found that using the spacer isn’t needed in my setup. I have a case on my phone that lifts it off the legs of the charger about 3mm plus I have it mounted right in front of my AC vent, and keep my car cabin reasonably cool. In the summer, cold AC will be blowing on it constantly, so I don’t think I’ll run into a lot of heat problems.

    R) Hi friend, Thank you so much for your tip.
    You did always give me a best solution and the way out of the tunnel.

    R-R) No problem, Moon.Thanks a lot for sending the units you did however. I really like the ease of use the products have made for charging my phone in different locations.

  26. Can you guys provide a direct wire power adapter? I’d rather wire it in directly than plug it into my cigarette lighter.

    • Okay. We will prepare this direct wire power adapter soon. However, you can do by yourself if you have welder at home. Firstly, unscrew the end and pull out the fuse, and caps and take out the ring (white) and take apart cigar plug two pieces and weld one line to the point of spring(+), the other wire to the plate (-) and pull out through the hole of fuse. In this case, we are not able to use fuse and spring. I think it will be Okay because it is regulated to 12V. Now you have two wires to connect to the fuse box. Thanks

  27. ahammond said:

    Sounds doable. I’d want to include a fuse in the circuit. What amperage of fuse should I use?

  28. Hi it’s 1A. Thanks.

  29. Hi there,

    I’m interested in buying the ” OwlPad+CarPad” set, and also I would like to buy just the charging jacket for a Galaxy S2. I own a Nexus 4, but my wife has an S2.
    The OwlPad+CarPad is 95$ which is great, but I would also like to buy JUST the jacket for a S2 (WITHOUT another OwlPad or CarPad), so my wife would also be able to charge her phone. How much is just the jacket/case for the S2? can I buy it separately? I can pay with PayPal.

    Hi Thanks for your interesting in owl products.

    OwlPad+CarPad(95$)+Galaxy S2 Jacket(29$) = US124$

    What do you think this price? If acceptable, I will send you email money request by PayPal.
    I think this is quite good combination for you and your wife.

    Email request :

  30. ahammond said:

    So, the point of something like this, to me, is to get rid of the wires. Having one prominently sticking out the bottom does not achieve the clean look I’m going for in my car. Can you put the plug somewhere on the back so I have a chance at hiding the wires? That and a cleaner solution that hacking a cigarette lighter plug and I’ll buy 2 or 3 of these.

  31. Serge said:


    I’m interesting is the Spring Grip made form metall or plastic?

    I think they are some tight for my Google Nexus 4 and I ask you about,can I move apart their?

  32. Serge said:

    Thanks a lot for answer.I’m using original LG Bamper CCH-190.

  33. hamad alaqeel said:

    If I order it now when it will ship to my box..and how it will take to reach their ..I’m in US

  34. ahammond said:

    Can you provide a charger that has a L shaped plug? Or provide the specs for the plug that connects to the pad? I want to avoid visible wires and the pad has one big wire poking out the bottom because of the plug.

  35. Hi three weeks after, we will provide you L shaped cigarette plug. Please refer to dropbox that show how to connect two wires for your purpose. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5kauu7gxk46w7xk/MKhAug3-Ff

  36. Hi, I just ordered a Nexus 4 Qi package. I was wondering dose the package include a 3M dash mounting disk ? If not what size disk should I get for the suction cup provided by you ?

  37. billramseyerjr said:

    Hi moon.. I intend on placing an order with you guys for the entire car Qi wireless charging setup for LG Google Nexus 4. my question is how do I go about getting the AC adapter for my home please send me a link so I can purchase everything together looking forward to your reply or at least a reply from someone I have watch the full review video on YouTube and I want everything that goes with it thank you you can reply here or send me an email… biggdaddy007.br@gmail.com Thanks sincerely bill

    • Hi as link below saying, AC adapter is included in the CarPad package as a “gift”
      Just find a movable heavy weight pad (steel), and stick on 3M mounting disc, on top of that, mount the CarPad.
      And then you will see how it is easy to snap in and adjust the viewing angle. Thanks.

  38. okay thanks I will be placing my order next week waiting on paycheck have a great day and thank you for the reply greatly appreciated can’t wait to get my hands on 1 of these gadgets

  39. I see the option excludes the mounts but not really clear what is left. For years I’ve had a gooseneck floor mount in my car. I’m looking for just the pad to use with my existing mount and car/home adapter. Do you have an option to purchase this way?

    • Please go to this site

      You will see below notice;

      Notice :
      AC power adapter is additionally included. This is very useful for a hands-free condition at home, at your working place, etc.
      If you don’t need the mounts (17mm ball, suction cup), please minus $5 from the item price you would like to buy and fill in the blank total and leave the notice at PayPal. Here click ”Buy Now

      For example the price of 1 sets of CarPad/G without car mounts is 60-5= US$55

      • Thanks I just watched the video and learned that carpad can be disassembled allowing the removal the side prongs. That would make it meet my needs.

  40. Thank you. I’d like to know what are you trying to do with the carpad that has removed side clip. It seems like you get a bright idea to meet your needs.

    • I ordered the whole the whole kit so I can best examine my options. Thanks BTW for keeping informed in email to the tracking information. Will let you know how I make if I customize with my existing Arkon goose neck mount.

  41. Serge said:

    Hi Mr.Moon!
    I have this OWL Wireless Charger and use it with a LG Nexus 4.
    I’m interesting,should I use this OWL Wireless Charger with acrilic transparent limiter on the bottom or not?
    I don’t saw this acrilic transparent limiter on the video.
    Thank you for assistance.

    • Thanks. You can either use or no use depending on the jacket thickness, If you like to use the phone naked, it is better to use acrilic transparent spacer. But if you use jacket, it is worthy to charge without putting a spacer. What different is if you use spacer, it can endure the high temperature situation even in hot whether condition. But it is recommended to keep the car as cool as possible for you and your phone.

  42. Serge said:

    Thanks owlpad!
    I use my phone with a original LG Bamper.It’s not a jacket.
    I suppose it’s better to use this acrilic transparent spacer,isn’t it?

  43. What’s the difference the case, cover, bumper, jacket? Isn’t it same?

  44. bumper is on google play. it leaves the back and front open. it only covers the sides. yes there is a difference. google it..

  45. Anyhow, don’t throw it away this spacer. As long as charging rate keeps the current level or little minus, it’s better to use it and It gives more space to reset the push button. You know new CarPad/N2 is also working well with Nexus 4. It is slow charging but hardly getting a hot the phone but still need this same spacer.

  46. okay,thaks a lot!

  47. Alistair Irving said:

    Currently have CarPad/G for my Nexus 4, and seems to be working fine. I’d like to extend the DC adapter cable so I can keep my dash area cleaner. Can you confirm the size of the DC connector required, as it looks to be either 1.3mm or 1.7mm.

    • Thank you. One of guys asked me if there was some way to extend the cigarette adapter wire as below.
      I think this would be good answer for you either.

      Q)Can you guys provide a direct wire power adapter? I’d rather wire it in directly
      than plug it into my cigarette lighter.

      A)Please look int the dropbox pictures and you will know how to extend the wire.
      Don’t worry about fuse. DC cigarette adapter is controlled 12V regulator and it does
      not get electric shock to the phone like USB car charger because it is non-contact power transferring


      • Alistair Irving said:

        That response is for the other end of the power cable that plugs into the car 12v socket. I want to extend the cable from the perspective of the connection that plugs into the CarPad.

  48. Hi, You just cut it off the existing cable and extend it by adding longer cable. What you need to take care is do not mixing +, -. That’s it.

    • Alistair Irving said:

      I’d rather not cut the existing cable, especially as I am trying to fit the cable into a slot next to the door, so I need a straight section of cable at least 2 foot long, and having a join in that section, or visible on the dash will not work. There seem to be plenty of extension cables available, so I just need to know what size of plug to use.

      • here’s your solution this is what I’ve done in the past when hooking up a radar detector. Go to RadioShack and get yourself a female cigarette lighter plug that is on a hardwire this will give you a positive and negative wire now run that wire wherever you need through door panels dashboard stuff like that and then hardwire it to the battery or the ignition and then just simply plug in your owl car pad. then you would not have to cut anything I’ve done this several times I do car audio installs and I’ve been doing it for 18 years this message work no matter what you’re doing I’ve installed a radar detector in every vehicle that I’ve owned and 470 friends and it’s always hard wired with all wires tucked in and not using the cigarette lighter plug that is in the vehicle already and avoiding cutting the wire that came with the device you’re plugging in simply go to RadioShack and spend $3 easy solution if you have anymore questions just ask I will give you the best answer: possible to my knowledge

  49. What is the difference between the Carpad/G and the Carpad/N2?

  50. As long as you pay heed to the phone’s heat up at GPS mode, both is working well.
    However, CarPad/G is much more endurable for higher temperature.
    Actually all of Owl chargers is compatible with Nexus 4.

    • I was wondering if there was a difference though?

      • Hi Alex. Yes there is a difference at inside circuit board. However except CarPad/G, we’d like to make a CarPad no difference at all from each brands.

  51. Great idea! I’m thinking of ordering this charger. I’m just wondering how quickly you ship and do you have an estimate on how long the shipping will take to get to Texas, USA? Thanks.

    • Please tell me what great idea?
      We are shipping out to USA by International registered mail. It will take 10 to 15 days to get there. But if you insist to send it as quickly as possible, we are willing to send you by EMS international express service.

  52. Mitch said:

    Is there any possible way to boost the power output on this thing to get it to charge more quickly?

    • Yes. We’ve tried to cut down the input voltage for avoiding the phone’s hot issues. But we could’t solve this issue only by hardware. I means you guys need to use properly such as placing the cradle in front of AC vent which blows the cold air.

      Once you know well how to do deal phone’s hot issue, you can use normal cigarette plug that is not regulated. You can buy it 12VDC pin type cigarette adapter in the market. I think it will help to boost the charging speed.

      Other way to increase the charging rate while driving, just screen off, then you drive with voice guiding.

  53. Hi, I ordered the Carpad+Owlpad, and I only received one AC charger (with the Owlpad). I was under the impression that I would recieve one with the carpad as well. What happened?

    Other than this, I am very happy.

  54. Mitch said:

    Thanks for the response. What is the pin size of the connector? 2.5 mm or something else?


  55. Alistair Irving said:

    The outer barrel size seems to be about 3.5 mm, but it’s the inner pin size that’s the critical detail for anyone wanting to get an extension cable. Seems to be between 1.3 and 1.7 mm, although OwlPad seem strangely reluctant to confirm the exact details.

  56. Mateus Magalhães said:

    The description is a little confusing… What is the difference between the $53 set and $86 set?

  57. Hi, I live in the England and have just bought a Nexus 4 and was looking to get the CarPad/G probably with the OwlPad as a bundle.

    I have a couple of questions:
    1) Can I get it shipped to England/UK?
    2) Is the AC adapter that is provided country specific to the shipping location (i.e. UK 3-pin), or is is a generic US/other pin configuration and I’ll need an adapter?

    • Hi, Thank you for interesting owl charger. First of all, Yes I will send you any items to England/UK.
      Secondly, we are willing to provide you AC adapter UK 3-Pin type or any other requirement if you’d like to buy it large volume.

      And we are providing you new upgrade CarPad which is compatible with most of wireless chargeable brands such as Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy 3, GS4, Optimus G Pro, Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920(spacer need), iPhone 5.

      This is quire new and revolution in the wireless charging business.

      Kinds regards,

  58. Dear, I sent you email shipping notice on May 11.

    Your tracking number is RR452115336KR, which has been sent by EMS International registered mail service.

    Tracking site : http://www.track-trace.com/post
    paste tracking number in the blank
    click “Track with options”
    click “select country” on the top
    please select the country you want to track for below ex. USA(USPS)

  59. Steven said:

    It looks like Kevin had the same problem as me. I ordered the charger on May 8th but never heard anything, and was wondering if it had shipped. However, I just found the emails in my spam folder. Hope this helps somebody.

  60. Hello! I would like to buy this for my Nexus 4 but have some questions before:
    1)Do you send this in Greece?
    2)Whats the differemce between the one that costs 53$ with the other one that costs 86$?


    • Thank you. I’d like to answer for your question as below;
      1) Yes I send you Nexus 4 CarPad to your beautiful country “Greece”
      2) One set of CarPad/G costs 53$. If you’d like to buy it together with desktop charger “OwlPad/G”,
      total price is 86$. At home or office, just place Nexus 4 on the charging pad, then when you go out, just snap into the cardle. Be happy with Owl charger kits.

  61. Moon,
    I was wondering if you have anything in development for the galaxy s4? Have you tested that device yet?

    Please go to below link

    We didn’t test it with Galaxy S4 receiver back cover yet. Because Samsung does not yet sell the battery back cover for wireless charging.

    And we are now trying to get Qi wireless receiver patch for Galaxy S4 from china or develop Owl own brand.

    Thank you so much

    Hi Moon

    Yeah, I’m waiting on Samsung to release that Qi back cover. I have the DNA and Nexus 4 carpads now. Is the new universal charger carpad different then those two?

    I think first of all, before you do order CarPad/all, I hope you try Qi back cover S4 with CarPad/all-HTC. We don’t know yet S4 is working well or not but it is worth to test it.

  62. Hi!
    I am a bit worried that the plastic holders that grabs the phone might break after a while.
    Is it possible to purchase a replacement holders in case it breaks?

    • I don’t think it will break out easily unless you don’t put much power to expand the holding clips.
      Of course you can buy it in case it breaks.

  63. Vipin said:

    please tell me the best case / cover to use with owlpad .

  64. Steve said:

    We have the Droid DNA with the Otter Box Defender cases on them, will they fit and will they charge.
    Don’t have any problems with the Nokia Qi chargers working through the Otterbox case.

    • I think it will be Okay if you put the Otter Box Defender case on the Nokia Lumia 920. I didn’t test by myself but with this thicker case, the volume key may not be hindered by the carpad’s clip. Normaly CarPad/all-NK is being delivered with the spacer that can help to avoid the touch point of phone key. Will you test it for yourself? If it is not satisfied with Otter Box in, I will refund you half price. Still you can use it with spacer.

  65. Danial said:

    Received my charger yesterday, fairly fast delivery to the UK, so i was impressed already. Unpackaged everything and all was very professional and of high quality. Assembled the charger easily, and with very little effort. The Nexus 4 sits perfectly in the cradle and moves in and out very easily, yet strong enough to ensure it doesn’t fall out whilst driving. The air vent mount doesnt quite fit perfect in my vans vents, but with a good shove i managed to get it into the vents better. Though this is not a fault with the unit, just the shape of my vents. The phone sits very well in the van, and charges immediately. Very happy with my purchase, i shall be ordering another shortly for my car also.

    5* Product at an excellent price! Well done guys!

  66. Gideon Gourell said:


    I want to order a Car Pad + Owl Pad for my Nexus 4, however you state this above on this page: “Car charger needs to have constant power from the cigarette outlet. So don’t use any other cigar adapter..”
    I am not sure I understand what this means. I have a dash camera installed in my car, and I was planning to use a cigarette-socket splitter to plug in both the dash cam and the car pad.
    1. Is this wrong to do?
    2. Can you recommend a specific splitter that will work reliably?

    Thank you.

    • Never mind using a cigarette socket splitter because the cigarette adapter comes with CarPad is adjusting the power to 11.5V from the outlet of power 12~24V car cigarette plug.

  67. Hello, I have received my Owlpad for Nexus 4, and I am looking forward to trying it out. What I have received looks like a US NEMA 1-15 unpolarised supply (i.e. a bit like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:A_plug.jpg), although it is marked 16A/250V at one end (and 110-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.5A at the other end).

    I assume it would be okay to plug this into a standard travel-adapter to convert the NEMA pins to AS/NZS 3112 pins – is that correct?

  68. miviks said:

    I don’t know if my comment was registered, so I’ll try again.

    Do the “CarPad/G-N4+OwlPad/G+Suction cup type – US$87” level include both the CarPad charger and the OwlPad desktop charger? It would seem like it does from the title, but the bullet points below does not list the OwlPad desktop charger among the included items.

  69. I’ve just ordered a carpad for my nexus 4. Has anyone hard wired one of these into their car? I have a [RHD] ’98 Passat and was hoping to fit the holder above the driver side air vent. The fuse box is just below this so ideally I’d run a wire from there to the carpad so it comes on with the ignition and I won’t have wires trailing around the car.


  70. Hi Moon
    Already I have owl carpad for nexus 4 and it’s working fine.
    Now I wont to buy the next generation of nexus in the near future and my question is if will work with the nexus 5.

    • Sorry for late reply. CarPad/G only for Nexus 4 will not be compatible with Nexus 5. If you have CarPad/all, universal car charger, there are many possibility that it works well with Nexus 5.
      If you really like to have CarPad/all, what we can do for you is that I will send you only the module inside the charging shell with more cheap price. But you need to open up the back cover and exchange the PCB.

  71. Moon,

    Is it possible to order one without the lighter adapter and have it hard wired in with just a voltage regulator on the wires? I’m looking at doing a custom hard wire install, and would prefer not having the plug or lighter adapter. Or is this something I would have to do after I purchase one? Just trying to save myself from having to take it apart. 😉


  72. Thanks for finally talking about >Nexus 4 Owl Wireless Charger kits on
    Sale !! | OwlPad Shop <Liked it!

  73. I received my order and the wireless charger works great. Can the Owl be powered by USB instead of cigarette adapter plug?

  74. Hello with the release of the Nexus 5 today which has wireless charging – will this Nexus 4 OWL charger work with the new Nexus 5 – which is about 7mm wider than the Nexus 4?

    Does the phone grip expand wider than the Nexus 4 to accept the Nexus 5?

    The dimensions are: 137.9 x 69.2 x 8.6 mm (5.43 x 2.72 x 0.34 in)


  75. Hello I have just noticed your reply to a Nexus4 OWL charger owner and you have said that the Nexus 5 is not compatible. The Nexus5 has wireless charging and uses the same Wireless standard (Qi Charging) – can you explain why the Qi charging standard which works across many phones wont work with the Nexus 5. I see no reason why the Nexus 4 OWL charger wont work with the Nexus 5 – or is it purely because the clamp cannot go wide enough to accommodate the slightly larger (7mm wider) Nexus 5?

    Can you please explain please why the Nexus 4 OWL charger is not compatible with the Nexus 5 – thanks!

  76. Hi,

    Thanks for the upgraded OwlPad/all! I received it yesterday, and through a few cycle tests, I found it to charge about 2.8~2.9% every 10 minutes with screen off and wifi on. The previous one was charging at around 2% every 10 minutes so it works very well I think! There was a little heat, but a very very small amount.

    I also tested the CarPad/all yesterday. I had the phone set to 50% brightness running T maps for about 1 hour driving. The battery did decrease while driving, but at a very slow rate. Of course, if I turned off the CarPad, the battery would drop very fast. So the CarPad/X has only a little improvement for the Nexus 5?

    I plan to use the OwlPad and CarPad in my everyday life, so if you want me to do anymore checks or test, I would be happy to do so. Also, I am trying to answer any questions I see on XDA about people wondering about the CarPad. It seems many people are interested!


    Hi Sandip,

    Good to know that it is still acceptable to use in car and home. Actually, the heat is very susceptible to the charging rate. If it increase the charging speed, it will be directly add up the heat on the phone. So about 3% every 10 minutes is at least acceptable.

    CarPad/X module is specialized for Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging, which show the 25~30% charging speed and keep the lowest temperatures while driving in navigation.

    Fortunately, it works with Nexus 5. For leading a next generation of wireless charging technology, it is necessary to spread /X module as can as possible because this is the best of all in terms of charging rate and lowest temperatures.

    Unfortunately, this charging X module is not giving a big improvement for a Nexus 5.

    For your review, I will send you this X PCB module for your review. Once you get, you will know how to replace old one with new PCB.

    Regarding the switching to Suction Cup from air vent clip type, yes you’d better to do when the car need to warmed up in winter season.


  77. hello moon, I am currently using your car pad G for the Nexus 4 on my brand new Nexus 5. It does work it charges at about the same rate it was charging the Nexus 4. However the Nexus 5 is a little taller than the Nexus 4 therefore the Qi charging this did not line up perfectly with the Nexus 5. I had to cut off the plastic Feet at the bottom. since the Nexus 5 is a little wider the car pad still hold the phone tightly in place it slide down to wear the left arm on the car pad is almost touching the down on the volume rocker. When it is sitting right there it makes just the right contact with the Qi charging disc in the carPad. this can be done very simple and it does work. I seen comments on your website before were lots of people were curious to find out if the one for the Nexus 4 would work with Nexus 5 the answer is yes but you would have to modify. If you were to redesign this car pad if it Nexus 5 the back plate needs to be taller I would say about 1 inch. The Qi charging disc needs to move up from the feet about 1 inch. Then it would line up with the Nexus 5 Qi built inside. I hope this answers some people questions and yours as well about the Nexus 5 Qi charging capabilities with the carPad G for the LG Nexus 4.

    • Hello Bill,

      Good to see you again and thank you for your trial.
      I made a picture that is showing how to cut it off the both bottom legs and grind out the bottom area etc…

      Will you post this to forum and then everybody will be helpful to use Nexus 5.

      I posted your comments and the picture at below link;


  78. Here’s the link to the YouTube video I just made showing how to get OWL CARPAD G for LG Nexus 4 working with Nexus 5 with a case on the phone and without a case on the phone. Let me know what you think of the video feel free to post it to your website or any other social networking that you might use. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    TWITTER @billramseyerjr YOUTUBE billramseyerjr GOOGLE+ +BILL RAMSEYER http://www.google.com/+billramseyer
    (my youtube direct link- http://www.youtube.com/user/BILLRAMSEYERJR?feature=mhee )

  79. Here is the video link on how to get Nexus 5 working on the owl carpad wireless charger for LG Nexus 4

  80. you’re here is a link to my website so you can watch the video on how to get the car pad G for LG Nexus 4 working on Nexus 5 in the video I show what you need to do to get everything working and I show the device being charged with a case on the phone and without a case on the phone Nexus 5 charges just as fast as the Nexus 4 if not a little bit faster.


  81. Hello

    I ordered the CarPad/all-N5+OwlPad/all-N5+suction cup +Air Vent from this page on Sunday (using the direct link to Paypal) but have not got any confirmation from you of the order (I did get the generic Paypal email with Paypal transaction ID).

    How can I find the status of my order?


    • Hello, I sent the shipping notice and tracking number by email.
      Please check your email inbox or Spam box.
      Dear Sir,

      Thank you so much for your purchase of owl wireless charger.
      Your order has been shipped and please go to below tracking link and do follow the procedures as below ;

      Your tracking number is RR46142445KR, which has been sent by EMS International registered mail service.

      1. http://www.track-trace.com/post
      2. paste tracking number in the blank
      3. click “Track with options”
      4. click “select country” on the top left-hand corner
      5. please select the country ex. USA(USPS)

      Please pay heed to below steps how to properly use the Owl CarPad or visit https://owlpad.net/carpad-for-nexus-4/.

      Even though you are using the other phone, I think it’s worth to follow below steps.

      Please keep the brightness as low as possible while driving and GPS on phones. By doing so, it will help you in keeping your mobile phone cool and increasing the charging speed.

      If you’d like to charge your phone in speed while driving, then off the screen.

      Please go to below link that shows how to overcome or reduce excessive heating issue of mobile phone — http://www.gethow.org/overcome-or-reduce-excessive-heating-issue-of-mobile-phones

      Better to install in the near of air vent, which blows cold air over it.

      Smartphone using with screen/GPS on, makes it hot the phone like normal PC.

      If you’d like to charge your phone in speed while driving, then off the screen.

      CarPad is not enough to put it up the power for smartphone’s Black box recording. It is too much power-intensive.

      Below is the review from the Nexus 4 user

      My vacation trip 7 hours away was last week and it did very well for me with GPS and music streaming. Keeping my charge around the same point during the whole ride home.

      One advantage I have had with my holder is that I have it placed just in front of my AC vent, which blows cold air over it.


      Notice :

      Cigar adapter specifications has been upgraded from 12VDC to 12~24VDC. So you can use CarPad both for general vehicle and truck.

      Below, you will see how to extend Arkon’s mounts for setting the cradle as near as to the wheel.

      Thank you so much
      Moon Soo Choi

  82. […] Until now, it has been confirmed that OWLUS wireless charger “OwlPad –CarPad/all” is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charge case, LG G2, iPhone5 case, Nexus 4, and Qi Receiver Patch. Nexus 5 is charged about 18% per hour. If navigation works, battery is consumed much and recharged by consumption volume with wireless charging. Until now, if you purchased by the brand name of OWLUS ”OwlPad/all — CarPad/all” and changed it to Nexus 5, charger can be used in the same way.OwlPad.net […]

  83. yoshi said:

    Hi, I want to purchase the three CarPad/all for Nexus 5 with Suction cup type – US$57 shipping to Japan. Is there any discount considering a single shipment. And how do I order it?

    • Hello Yoshi,

      Actually, the Nexus 5 charging is a little slow (3% per 10min), but otherwise, it will be harmful to your phone owing to the fasting charging and result in excessive heat on the phone especially using navigation while driving. With the same CarPad/all charging pad, iPhone 5 is fast charging like 5% every 10 minutes but gives a little more heat on the phone.

      If you agree on the above, I will give you 5% discount for 3 sets of CarPad/all. I think it is worth to test the CarPad/all for the Japan made wireless charging receiver.

      Thank you very much

  84. Hi,

    I sent X module with 64481-0104-0260. Please exchange the PCB upgrade and hope to have your review the different from each other.

    Thank you.


    I got the updated X module yesterday in the mail and tried it out today. I agree with you that it had slightly better performance than the previous one, but, it was noticeable to me. Running Tmaps with screen at 50%, I saw no drain at all over 30 minutes. This is excellent.

    You have a fantastic product. I’m glad that I live here in Korea and can get excellent, quick service from you!

    Thanks so much!



    It’s good to hear that CarPad/X-N5 have been improved so as like you express “noticeable”.

    Will you do me a favor that you install the battery monitor app here linked below and take a screenshot and post it to the X-forum and send it to me also.

    App for monitoring your battery,

    The screen shot should be included the charging % and temperature.


  85. bbronkhorst said:

    Hello Moon,

    This product is amazing. It is exactly as described and is exactly what I was looking for. I have a Nexus 5 with a case. The car dock works flawlessly with the case on and charges without issue. The design of the dock is dynamic, as such, I will be able to use this same dock as I upgrade my device. Thank you for making such a well designed product.

    I know this sounds like a fake comment, but honestly this is a great product.


  86. MatMaul said:

    Hi moon,

    Can you confirm that the carpad X-N5 can work with the nexus 4 using a spacer ?
    Is the spacer included in the shipped package ?

    • Hi, it works and faster charging than CarPad/G with spacer in. However, it gets heat the phone. If you do take care the phone with blowing cold air or toy fan, it will be Okay. If you leave a message to use CarPad/X for Nexus 4, spacer will be included. Thanks

  87. Handi said:

    Hi moon,
    just want to check before i buy it.
    i am from sydney, can i use the AC Power Adapter here?
    and also is it 1 year warranty?

    • Yes. It is 1 year warranty. We provide the AC Power Adapter for the order of CarPad + Scution cup or CarPad + Air vent mount + Suction cup mount. The type of AC Power Adapter is normal standard 2 round pin 110~220V AC.

      • Handi said:

        Hi Moon,

        Thanks for the reply.
        I have placed an order. i will let you know once i have received it.


  88. Vipin said:

    I am using my nexus 4 cradle on nexus 5 with no problem. I don’t know why to upgrade it?

    Can someone explain this to me?

    • Thank you. the Upgrade PCB X is compatible with many different brand like Qi regardless of the phone’s tall or short.

  89. But why to uprade it? Because it is working fine without upgrading the PCB.

  90. I just got a kit for my Nexus 5 and it is working great. The format of the charging pad is great because it is just a touch larger than the phone which makes placement super easy. The build quality of the car dock seems good. Very easy to put in and take out the phone.

    Shipping and delivery to Moldova took a little less than 3 weeks from when I made payment. Post to Moldova is normally quite slow and we are entering the holiday season, so this is quite OK.

  91. I am interested to order kit for my Nexus 5. The kit with Airvent and the suction cup. I read somewhere on your blog that the international shipping are stopped ? Is that still the case ? Or can I still order ?

    • Thank you and you can still order but it will take a few days or week to send you depending on stocks available.

      • Thanks for your reply. I am holding off the order only to make sure you have the stock, before I place the order. Can you please update us here (or on your blog) if the kit is back in stock.


      • Ravi G said:

        I ended up ordering the carpad/all with both the mounts. I hope you get them in stock soon. please update us.

  92. Received the owl charger kit last month and have been testing.

    Very happy with this! I’m able to run the GPS/maps, play my netcasts and wile maintaining connection with my Pebble watch while still holding the battery charge ! (brightness turned down) got the whole nexus 5 deal and its heven being able to charge the N5 or N7 around the house or car without usb cables. 🙂

    Thanks for a wonderful product!

  93. I have been using the Owlpad for my Nexus 5 a few days now.
    I am very happy about the charging, though I am experiencing touch issues while charging.
    I think its a problem from the Nexus 5 as I am also, but in less forms, when it lays on my Zens Qi charger.
    I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing these flaws?

    • I’ve also experienced a few times but soon back to normal when the screen off and on. It may be the sensitive of in-cell touch LCD of Nexus 5. Anyway, new CarPad/q that is more compatible with qi will be released soon on next lot of carpad. I hope this model will not have this kind of ghost touch problem.

      • Moon,
        I bought the Carpad/All to use with my Nexus 5 and have repeatedly experienced the “ghost touch” issue. I’ve tried turning my phone on and off to fix the “ghost” touching issue but it doesn’t help. It’s very frustrating because other than that, the product is fantastic. Would I be able to get an exchange or discount if I purchase the new CarPad/q when it comes out? Having the phone automatically launch applications or make phone calls on the CarPad when I am not touching the phone is very frustrating…..you’ve probably made the best car docking device I’ve used. Also, when will the CarPad/q be available?

      • Since Jan 09, we’ve started to send the trial version “CarPad/q” for the back orders. However, still it will take a few weeks to get mass production for restocking. While testing this model, I haven’t seen so call ghost touching yet. The order that has experienced this problem will be replaced with CarPad/q PCB with free of charge but I hope you may pay only the delivery costs like $10. We are small company and go through fianicial hardship but struggling to fix this problem and improve the performance and reliability.

        Please go to below link that is going to show how looks like the CarPad/q;



  94. Moon,
    I will gladly pay for the shipping for a replacement unit….perhaps even your actual cost on a per unit basis. I love the product but the ghost touch issue is just very frustrating. If you can let me know how to proceed, I will work with you.

  95. bbronkhorst said:

    I also have the same “ghost touches” On my Nexus 5. Great product besides that.

  96. I also experience the ‘ghost touches’ on my Nexus 5 sporadically. Turning the screen off and on seems to fix it. I do not expect a free upgrade and am happy to pay for shipping and parts when the new product is ready.

  97. The ghost touch problems means I turn the charging off when I need to use the screen and turn the screen off when I need to charge. Rather annoying. Other than that, it is a fine charger/mount. I’ve sent paypal payment for a replacement PCB. Fingers crossed that it’ll take care of it.

    • Ravi G said:

      Have the replacement PCB solved the ghost issue ? Can someone who tried it please comment. I can pay the extra 10 bucks to get replacement but want to check if it really solves the problem.

      • Recently we’ve changed the induction coil from PCB to the enameled one and done the small modification which turns out to be more compatible with Qi phones like Galaxy S4, Note 3, HTC DNA, Maxx, etc and we believe that you don’t face the ghost touching issues with this module.

        However, some cases can be seen the ghost touches like below link ; http://www.usoftphone.com/t141535.html


        Recently my Nexus 5 has been acting weird. the right side of the Touchscreen sometimes becomes completely unresponsive and sometimes phantom touches occur. I’ve tried reinstalling android and the problem is still there. I’ve noticed its gotten better once i removed my screen protector but from time to time the screen still acts up. I was thinking maybe it has to do with humidity or temperature. Anyway has anyone else had this kind of issue? Any suggestions for a fix other than replacement?


        The charging test has been done with attaching the 1.5 mm thickness spot sticker on the charging pad assuming put your phone in the case. You can remove these spot stickers if you prefer using the phone with a case.

        If you plan to change the phone like Nexus 5 to Note 3 or Maxx, it is necessary for you to change the position of the induction coil more upward. It is easy for you to do that because the coil is separated from the main PCB.

        We are willing to send this CarPad/qi module as soon as when it is ready for a replacement of Nexus 5 old version and always looking forward to providing you with a high-quality products and services.


  98. Stephen said:

    Hello. Wanted to see which of your products work with the Note 3 phone? And if none, is there a time frame for when you plan to release some. Thanks

    • Hello. Please go to this link : https://owlpad.net/carpad-for-nexus-4/

      You can see Note 3 wireless car charger for sale.
      It shows that 3% increase every 10 min.

      CarPad/qi is same module but what different from each other brand is coil position. You can relocate this coil position if you want to change from Note 3 to other small size phone like S4.in the future.


  99. How has the testing of the new model been going that fixes the ghost touch issues on the Nexus 5? Has it been released now?

    I too had the CarPad/all and seeing the ghost touch issue on my Nexus 5.

    Is there an option to just buy the replacement base unit without the plug pack etc.

    • Thank you and I hope you would visit the website of owl car charger again.

      All customers who have bought the updated CarPad/qi said that ghost touches are not visible anymore.


  100. Alan Davis said:

    Hi, very happy with the Owl charging cradle with my Nexus 4. Never worked corretcly with my Nexus 5…..now I see onyour web site mention of an upgrade PCB I can swap out myself.
    I do not see this for sale though…how do I buy this new PCB from you?

    • Hi,

      With exisiting Carpad for Nexus 4, you can cut out the both legs and find a center point of Nexus 5 and attach the legs on the back face by gluing the toy plastic parts.

      The other way to use existing cradle is you can buy the PCB that is more powerful and you can do moving the center point by yourself for new brand phones.

      How much is it? How much do you pay me? Please say it, then I will send you with your price.


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