Wireless is beautiful !! OwlPad is best solution for safe driving !!

CarPad/Pro for Optimus G Pro wireless car charger

CarPad/Pro Gallery “click here”

Please be understand before you order that CarPad is charging more, less or holding the current battery level while heavy using like GPS/Stream music/Call/Message/etc.

Please refer to the comments and YouTube  link below that will give you some idea how to properly use the CarPad ;
How to use? :  
1) Set the phone brightness less than 50% or Auto mode.
2) Please keep out of direct sunlight.
3) Better to install it right in front of air conditioner grills.
Price ;

shoppingsimble  1 set of Owl CarPad/Pro — US$60  for using in Car and at home interchangeably.

  • Includes:
  1. Owl CarPad/Pro charging pad
  2. – 1 windshield mounts (with nut for fixing 17mm ball)
  3. – 1 3M dash mounting disc
  4. – 1 Cigarette Plug 12V, 1A
  5. – 1 AC Power adapter 100.240V~50/60Hz 0.5A, +12V 1A

shoppingsimble  CarPad/Pro+OwlPad  : total US$94 for using at home, Car.

* AC adapter excluded in the CarPad in this full set because there is one in the OwlPad package.

Specification :  

  • CarPad/Pro – Cagarette Plug 12V, 1A  (The output voltage is regulated to a fixed 12V.  use this only)
  • AC Power adapter — 100.240V~50/60Hz 0.5A, +12V 1A

Shipping costs:

MOQ in the standard package;

Notice :

  • AC power adapter is additionally included. This is very useful for a hands-free condition at home, at your working place, etc.
  • If you don’t need the mounts (17mm ball, suction cup), please minus US$5 from the item price you would like to buy and fill in the blank total price and leave the notice at PayPal.  Here click  ”Buy Now”


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