Wireless is beautiful !! OwlPad is best solution for safe driving !!

Examples of Orders

Hi Moon,

Could I please just order 1 to try out for now. Let me know how to proceed from here.




Hi Ken,

Just click “buy Now” and you will see below PayPal popup window

Descriptions Amount
CarPad for Nexus 4CarPad for Nexus 4
0.00Item number: CP-N401
Item price:  (  ? )
Quantity: 1
Item total 0.

Fill in the blank above in the item price ( ? )

If you order 1 set;  fill in the blank as $60.

If you like to have ? sets,  put ? sets  x $60 or discounted prices.

You can pay using your PayPal account or if you don’t have one, sign in as a PayPal guest and pay with your debit/credit card.



On Sat, May 5, 2012

Hi Mr.Moon,I am interested to purchase the S2 charger set. Please advice which online retailer that sells your products. Does the Owl Store take international orders ?

Hi Thomas,

I’ve sent  invoice and quotation for one set S2.. If you agree with this offer, please pay thru PayPal Payment service in advance.

And specify which color of S2 case you’d like to buy it. You have option as Black or White.

As we get paid, we will send to you by our public postal service.

On Tue, May 8, 2012

Hi Mr.Moon,I have made the payment this afternoon. Please ship the items to the address below.…..Kindly let me know the tracking number of the shipment.

Hi Thomas,

I confirmed your payment and I will ship the items tomorrow to the place you advice me. And I will let you know the tracking number of post.

Hi Thomas,

S2 has been sent via EMS.yesterday. Tracking number is EM….. KR.

Pls notice me whether it has been delivered.

Hi Mr.Moon,

I received the items yesterday. With this charging system, my S2 is completely wireless.

Oct 10 (7 days ago)

Hello Thomas,

Long time no see !

Will you please visit our blog site here ;


You will see how it looks like Galaxy S3 back cover that is for receiving the power from the mat.

Hi Moon,

Nice to hear from you!

I visited the blog site and I am glad to see that the wireless charging is incorporated into the S3 back cover.

I guess I just have to be patient and wait for the official release.

Using the S2 wireless charging is so convenient that I am hesitant to buy S3 due to this point. Also, I would like to put a cover on the S3. So if I can have both, it will be perfect.

Having a cover is important for me as I do not want to have scratches on the phone or the Owl S3 back cover.

Hi Thomas,

It is my pleasure to here that you are using our S2 charger everyday and feel so convenient for charging your phone.

I totally agree with you that it need to put a cover on expensive Smartphone. My son is in marine. Just before he entered the marine, he dropped iPhone 4S without covering any case, broke the screen and back face. It will cost around 100$. I am still wondering whether I will fix it or leave it until he completes his duty for 2 years.

Hi Moon

I think when your son has completed his duty, iPhone 6 may be available. It is better to put the repair costs towards getting a new phone then.

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