Wireless is beautiful !! OwlPad is best solution for safe driving !!

OwlPad+CarPad/G for Nexus 4 n Qi Now on sale!!!

We don’t sell CarPad/G, OwlPad/G type charger anymore. Instead, we will provide upgrade one “CarPad/qi-N4” for Nexus 4.

To purchase this, please visit : www.owllus.com


  shoppingsimbleFull sets CarPad/G+OwlPad for Nexus 4: total US$86

  • CarPad/G is Compatible with Nexus 4, iPhone 4S, Galaxy S2
  • OwlPad is compatible with Nexus 4, iPhone 4S, GS2, HTC DNA, Lumia 920, Optimus G Pro.


  • Please notice at PayPal if you would like to buy white or black color of OwlPad. If you don’t mention it, we will ship out any color of it to you. CarPad is only black color

Specification :  

  • CarPad — Cagarette Plug 12V, 1A  (The output voltage is regulated to a fixed 12V. Don’t use normal one)
  • OwlPadAC adapter  Output: 12V,1A,  Input : 100~240V 50/60Hz 0.5A

Shipping costs:

  • All prices are inclusive of shipping fees.  The items will be sent using International registered mail service.
  • Site you check ; http://www.track-trace.com/post


Comments on: "OwlPad+CarPad/G for Nexus 4 n Qi Now on sale!!!" (32)

  1. Here is the look at the Official Bumper Case for the LG Google Nexus 4. What do you think worth the 20$ plus shipping and tax? Subscribe today and let me know

    • Should I wear this phone case?

      Absolutely, Yes. This will keep the phone from slipping out of your hands and it gets more stable power from charging pad specially using GPS navigation.

      What do you think worth the $100 OwlPad+CarPad including shipping cost?

  2. Hi,

    I’m interested in buying 2 OwlPads and 1 Owl CarPad. I’ve been looking forward to having a decent Qi charger for my home, office, and car, and looks like this is a quality charger for the Nexus 4!

    A few of questions first…

    1) I noticed that there’s a package discount for buying an OwlPad + CarPad for $100 together, as per this page: https://owlpad.net/owlpadcarpad-for-nexus-4-n-qi/

    Is it possible to get a discounted price for 2 OwlPads + 1 CarPad? I would greatly appreciate that if possible!

    Okay, I will give you discount price total US$? and let you know me paid by PayPal and leave a notice.

    2) I noticed most Qi chargers are very finicky with how you position the phone, is this an issue with the OwlPad? Looking at the videos it looks like you don’t really have an issue.

    Yes, there’s vertually no chance to miss the position because hardware design edged up in the 3 cornor is good for housing the phone and Owl charger has more flexibility in terms of positioning as you can see the video for OwlPad(http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=pwBm619kEQo&list=UUvrMk6cBFxLpFHfwg9lM8_A)

    3) Regarding the CarPad, I have a car mount already, and I’m not very familiar with sizes and such. I currently own a Rocketfish Universal Smartphone Car Mount (RF-VMU5-T), using the suction cup. I see something on the website about having an existing car mount, so I’m wondering if this would fit? Let me know if you need further information.

    If yours has 17mm ball, it will be Okay. It is universal standard.

  3. Q) Is it true that If I put the phone in the charger when the phone battery is full (100%), carpad will not keep it charged ?

    A) Yes it is true. Yes we could make it to charge further so that it can compensate the loss of power in idle. But I think it is better to shut-off when it gets to 100% full so as not to be overcharged and for saving the energy. When it shuts-off, CarPad/G cut power and just remain weak power to sensing the phone for next charging. Or you can reset to restart charging.

  4. Will it works with other Qi standard phone or just Nexus 4 only? I have a HTC DNA and looking forward to have one of these.

    • Hi Jack, Our primary concern is not for just Nexus 4 but all of the phone with Qi standard.
      We are now sending OwlPad, Owl CarPad to the worldwide from USA to Russia. Somebody may try to place Qi phone on the Owl charging pad. We will see how they are responded.

  5. Hey I sent an email about my order but it hasn’t been answered. I placed it for the OwlPad and CarPad for nexus 4 but forgot to leave details in the order about what it was for and the color.

    • Hi Sorry for late reply and we will send you earlier next week.
      We took a time to find a optimal solution for Nexus 4 before ship out as can as possible.
      For the time being, all of OwlPad’s color is black. CarPad has only black.

  6. lewanuva30 said:

    Hey I sent an email about my order a while ago but it was never answered. I paid but forgot to leave details about the order.

    • Hi, I am really sorry for a late reply. We will send you the Owl Pad car charger on February 19.

      Regarding the OwlPad,

      We changed the program of it to be more compatible with Nexus 4’s unique charging requirements. Our car charger has strong power to rapidly charge the Nexus 4 but it gets warmer the phone itself.

      Therefore, we made the magnetic field slightly weaker so that the Owl Pad car pad generates and sends power at a rate in which the Nexus 4 phone can adequately accept it.

      With regards to the OwlPad desktop charger, you can enjoy streaming music at night (even while asleep) and it will not impede the charger’s ability to recharge. However, the screen should be turned off.

      When the phone is idle, it tends to stop charging at around 95%. There is nothing we can do about that. But in the morning, it wakes up and starts to fully charge again if you play the morning call music.

      I got a email from a guy who bought the OwlPad as below;

      I got the OWL Single Pad from customs. It works pretty fine with the Nexus 4 and the Nokia Lumia 920.

      Regarding the CarPad, please check owlpad.net for the recent update of the Owl CarPad/G, OwlPad/G. Search for the post entitled “One day of charging history.”

      Another point is that we have determined the ideal location for placing your Nexus 4 phone on the CarPad unit. Placing the Nexus 4 8mm from the bottom of the unit is ideal.

      Regarding HTC DNA phone…

      We don’t yet know the ideal placement for this phone on the Owl CarPad charger. Once we determine the ideal point of charging, one that provides optimal charging without overheating, then we can recommend the CarPad for the HTC DNA phone.

      Lastly, the charging frequency has been slightly altered to allow for ideal charging for the Nexus 4 phone. This was accomplished by slightly weakening the magnetic field.

      Regarding the discontinuation of charging once the phone is at 95% charged, there is not much that can be done if the phone is idle. However, if streaming music is left on, the phone will continue to charge in order to compensate for the loss of power caused by the streaming music’s power demands. Consequently, the charge can approach close to 100% in this situation.

      Lastly, we hope you would understand how hard it is to maintain a stable temperature while either the GPS is active or streaming music.

      We found that with screen off, the temperature has declined about 3.6°C. It looks like raised temperature is caused by the screen lighting element and more aggregated by the GPS due to continuous GPS data transmission.

      You can use the CarPad even in hot summer season. But don’t leave the phone and use for GPS without air conditioning in car.

      The best way to use the CarPad is that you need to keep the screen off when you are driving long distances in hot weather condition. Instead, you will be guided by voice navigation or/and screen on whenever it is necessary to see the Map. The CarPad will have better charging rates and maintain a more stable temperature if you follow these guidelines. (battery gained 9%+/1 hour if screen off while using GPS/streaming music)

  7. Q) HI Moon, Today I got the OWL Single Pad from customs. It works pretty fine with the Nexus 4 and the Nokia Lumia 920.
    Did you ship the carpad already? I would need a spearate invoice for it for customs, sorry for the effort I create on your side.

    A) Hi, We will ship you new full set of OwlPad+CarPad. So I don’t think it needs to send a separate invoice. Please check it out how about the charging during overnight. At the near to 95%, we got a problem of stopping the charging there. But when you turn on the music in the morning, it will be charged soon close to 100%. Thank you for a tweet that will be very helpful for Owl charger marketing.(https://twitter.com/mindaffecter_ef/status/303426329532063744)

    We will ship you CarPad from tomorrow and AC adapter will be added for using at home like a normal desktop charger. At home, you don’t care about the losing the battery power when you enjoy the music video or movie and it will give you a right angle to enjoy the video.

    It has been taken a while to cope with heat issue during recent week. Anyhow, you can enjoy the CarPad for GPS and streaming music without taking care of temperature at least except summer season.

    In hot summer season, I think it’s better to screen off generally or set the screen brightness 50%. If you are in good car air conditioning, never worry about that. This is for protecting the phone itself if you are in hot weather condition. Thank you so much.

  8. Q) This will be used for an HTC droid DNA. Can I do any testing using my phone to help you with your design? I have a Nokia nfc charger that I could use for reference.

    A) What you need to check by HTC DNA is just sliding your phone from the top into the charging pad, and then you will notice whether your phone is starting the wireless charging and further you go down until the charging stopped.

    In the middle of this distance is right point HTC DNA need to keep it by putting the pad on the bottom both foot.

    Thank you so much for your attention.

  9. Q) I’ve got a question regarding your table charger – is it normal that i leave phone (Nokia 920) charging for the whole night (min.8 hours) but when i tka phone at the morning it is sometimes show only 84-90% charged.
    I think the problem is happened like this: i put my phone on charger deck with 50-60% of battery, the phone charges at 100% then charger is switching OFF, and after that when phone is starts to discharge, the charger not restarts to charge.
    Is it possible scenario?

    A) Hi, You will get it replacement of OwlPad and CarPad as we gave you the tracking number. With this new OwlPad, there will be no problem that stops at below 95%.

    Which one is it good for the phone itself if the phone is normal living creatures?.

    1. after full charged, get the phone completely shut-off for whole night but drained a tiny percent of charging.
    2. as the phone battery get drained little by little, during whole night continue to supply the tiny power without taking a rest.

    In my opinion I think first one is our best choice.

    Please go to http://www.owlpad.net and look into the almost straight line at night after 95% charged.
    Nexus 4 has a very little bit of drain at night in idle mode.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  10. Q) Have you experienced this kind of issue while using CarPad “Nexus 4 Screen flickering after charging from USB from my laptop….” http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=42184.

    A) I haven’t experienced the Nexus 4 Screen flickering problem with CarPad while I was driving test for thousand miles. It seems to me this is due to non-contact inductive charging. With wireless charging there is No chance to make electric shock in plugging USB that is probably causing to get Nexus 4 black out.

  11. Hi, will both the carpad & owlpad charge a Nexus 4 through a slim case? I’m using the Ringke SLIM http://www.rearthusa.com/google-nexus-4-ringke-slim-case

    Also, as I understand it, the owlpad will not keep the phone charged at 100% overnight, correct? My understanding is that if the battery dips below 100% while on the owlpad (say auto-downloading podcasts) after it has been charged to 100% the owlpad will NOT notice this bring the charge back up to 100%?

    • You can use any kinds of case and bumper and we don’t feel it is necessary to bring back to 100% after tiny dips below 100%. Just charging on OwlPad at home, and as you hop in the car, just slide in your phone to the CarPad. Normally I don’t care how much my phone’s battery is going down or up. You will not face any difficulties due to battery low if you use this Car charger for daily life. Instead of cling to loose a small portion of it’s charge at the top, be free from the stress “Battery empty” .

  12. Maksym said:

    Hello, can I order only ose set CarPad+OwlPad for Nexus4, not a 1000 pcs? This min. order value 1000 pcs. is a bit disappointing…

  13. Maksym said:

    OK. Does it mean that I can freely order one set CarPad+OwlPad for Nexus4 with a total price $95, including shipping to Ukraine?

  14. HI, I just made the payment today. May I know, how many days does the international courier takes?

    • Once your order has been confirmed, at least two business days will be needed for us to prepare for shipping. However, depending on the status of stock, we will post the delayed shipping time at the top of ordering site before you place an order. Anytime we are ready to refund or send replacement if you found something wrong with Owl charger.

      Sending by EMS will be sent with 3~5 days at least but please refer to below;

      Standards of Delivery
      If documents without need of customs clearance(receipt number begins with EE) are sent from Seoul (some parts exclused) before 12PM , they will be sent with 2 days to destination with non-stop flights (LA, Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong) from Seoul and 3-5 days to other destinations.
      1 day is added in the following cases.
      Mails shipped after 12PM from Seoul, Mail shipped from regions other than Seoul.
      Receiver’s address is in a region other than the receiving post office.
      Mail sent from Mountainous areas or isolated areas need additional time to reach Seoul International Post Office.
      Mails requiring customs clearance require additional time at the receiving country’s customs office (receipt number begins with EM)

  15. hi Moon.
    im actually interested in buying 2 OwlPads and 1 Owl CarPad.
    with Australian style AC adapters for the owlpads.

    • Hi Ryan, 2 sets of OwlPad+one set of CarPad = US$150? If we’re seeing much demand for Australian style AC adapters, we will prepare it but not now. For the moment, best way to use Aus style AC adapter is buying a plug converter. Thanks.

  16. Q) Anyone know a good car charger to use while GPS is on? I know that the energy drain is a lot higher when using GPS/streaming music in my car. My retractable charger just isn’t putting up enough juice.

    Anyone know a good charger that looks decent and can keep the phone juiced up? I know some phones limit the charge to 500ma.and not sure whether the galaxy is restricted as well.

    A) Owl CarPad is not perfect. Still needs to improve the charging capacity without a phone heating up much while GPS/streaming music is on. At the moment, we couldn’t find in google the one competing with CarPad in terms of charging capacity and decent user Friendly design.

    Owl design have many options such as changing the frequency and adjusting the height of the phone against the CarPad’s inductive pattern coil, which is ideal for charging all different brand of the phone.

    Galaxy S3 is restricted to 500mA. But it seems like that next Galaxy series will not be restricted and keep a high capacity battery that can fully Juice-Up your smart phone without cord while using GPS.

  17. Q) Hey Moon, So I just found your Qi car charger and this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for… My only concern is that I have the HTC Droid DNA and I see that this has only been tested with the Google Nexus 4. would the DNA work just like the Nexus 4 when it comes to this charger? I already know my DNA has Qi charging (as I am now using a Nokia Qi charger while at home). I’m just worried because of the size differences if everything will line up and charge as planned.

    Also, I am in the United States (close to LA) and I was wondering what the return policy is in case the charger does not work with my Droid DNA.

    A) Hi. we’ve shipped out many CarPad to the worldwide recently. Many people said that they are wiling to test HTC Droid DNA. please wait for a while before you place an order. I will post it what they are saying about at the front page of owlpad.net.


    distance ? is determined by charger capacity and keeping the temperature as low as possible while GPS on.

    Regarding your concerning about size differences, please check below link or quote from there.


    The size of the holder prongs is just a little smaller than the phone when naked. they are tensioned/bendable to spring back on their own (no mechanical motion, just hard plastic forms that can be bent to move the phone in and out of the mount.

    I’ve used a generic TPU case, a Diztronic Matte black Case, an LG Official Bumper and also naked phone, and the charger has always provided charge to my phone with no issue. Some larger / thicker cases may hinder the Qi charging ability, due to distance from the back-plate, but a standard soft case, or a hard case shouldn’t pose any issues with the Qi functionality.

  18. Q) Thanks very much for the quick turnaround. Is there a site I can leave feedback or a review for your product and ordering experience? I really appreciate how quickly you resolved this issue, and I want to tell others about it. 🙂

    A) Hi, If you are willing to do that, it will be certainly my wonderful pleasure.

    There are many places you can leave the comments or feedback regarding a review of Owl products.

    1) XDA Developers site — http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2029734

    2) owlpad.net

    3) YouTube — http://www.youtube.com/owlwlc/

    4) Twitter — https://twitter.com/owlnavita

    Regarding ordering experience, once again I apologize for disturbing you but we are doing our best to meet the delivery schedule.

  19. Q) Your email went straight to SPAM (standard Google filter). It would probably help if you setup SPF records.

    A) I pasted Google SPF records into owl domain.Please notice me whether it works or not.

    A-A)Your email did make it straight into my inbox and the SPF record looks good. This should make it less likely that your emails will go to SPAM.

    A-A-A) Thanks a lot. l think it seems like this is one of the reason that customer lodge a complaint about neglecting the shipping notice. Good-day mate !!

  20. what is the output rate from the qi pad to the phone?

    • Nexus 4’s proper ourput rate is around 350 mA (13.7V cigar adapter output). If over current, charging will be little bit faster and also temp either. Compare to Galaxy S3, Nexus 4 should be kept in a cool.

  21. What is that clear plastic clip on the bottom of charger with Nexus 4 in the picture, Moon?
    is that for Nexus 4 only or I can use without it. It does seems loose on charger without the phone in and can be easily lost.

    • If this clear spacer is loose, please take it out and put it back again with turned 180 degree and push it hard.
      This spacer is for lifting the phone from the both legs. With this position, phone endure the high temp. But it should be cool down with the fresh air blowing in front of air bent.

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